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​It's Valentine's day!

My mom always made Valentine's day special. She'd mail Valentine's day cards to the house and bring home candy! It was really cool! It's the time of year when everyone is showing love to family and friends.

I can remember when I was a kid, crying to my mom because girls didn't like me! At least that was my perception!

My big brother Anthony was smart. He did well in school and girls liked him because he was intelligent. Well, that's how it looked to me. My little brother Marc, he was cute! He had charm. All Marc had to do was bat his eyelashes and girls came running!

Then there was me. I was a little overweight at this stage in childhood. I hated combing my hair. And I was a grease monkey!

Unlike my brothers. You'd find me in my bedroom building a rocket, mixing epoxy glue, or racing my AFX cars. It was normal to walk into my bedroom and find yourself in a cloud of smoke. I would often start my gas-powered cars and planes in my room! Airplane gas and oil were always on my bedroom floor. This did not have girls beating down my bedroom door!

After several phone calls from girls to my brothers. I started feeling bad about it. My mom noticed I was upset and asked what was the problem?

I said, "all the girl's call Anthony and Marc, no one calls me!" She chuckled a little bit and said, "David, you are a nice young man." There are plenty of girls who will like you, just give it time." I didn't want to hear that. I wanted her to pull girls out of her pocket!

Then she said something that has taken me most of my life to put into practice. She said, "David, you have to first learn to love yourself." Loving yourself is more important than any love you will get from a girlfriend or from anyone. I listened but did not really get it. My mom echoed those words throughout my entire life.

When I became an adult, she began to break it down to me. She said, "all the things you'd want a wife or girlfriend to do for you, do it for yourself."

Make you the priority in your life! Give to you, treat yourself special, love everything about you, even the not so good things. Over time and as I learned more about myself, life, spirit, healing, and health. I found my mother's words to be true.

When we take the time to love ourselves first. That's when we are able to make healthier choices on the potential relationships we seek. Loving you installs filters on your brain. These filters weed out people that don't work for you. If a person happens to slip through, then you'll automatically remove them from your life. Self-love puts a protective force field of energy around you. You'll begin to know when a person is right for you, or not.

Loving yourself takes time. Loving yourself takes looking at yourself closely, it takes asking yourself hard questions and coming up with answers! Most of all, it takes courage. Self-love is the most difficult love you will ever encounter. It takes time, patience and practice. But once you get it. It's the greatest love of all!

The irony of my story is. I have all of the love letters and cards that I received from just as many girls as my brothers did back in those days! Ugh, growing up, LOL!

Featured Music

Three Times a Lady was the Commodores next big hit after Easy. Written by Lionel Richie. The song was a tribute to his mom, grandmother, and wife.

It's become a Valentine's Day Classic!

Carl Carlton

Everlasting Love was a big hit for Carl Carlton. It was also one of my favorites ever as a child. The arrangement was powerful and full of energy. The message was simple! Though not as big of a hit. Gloria Estefan covered Everlasting love. It was nice, but nothing beats the original! 

What shocked me was. Carl Carlton had another big hit in 1981. "She's a bad ma ma jam, ma. I had no clue it was the same artist. 

Episode Songs


I feel like I am a teenager listening to the radio at night. Last night I sat outside in Red Rock Canyon (near Las Vegas) and listened to Zoom by the Drifters on Back in the Dave. The stars were bright, the spring wind was warm, and the music brought me back to the 70s when I danced while rocking my babies to sleep. I have been going backwards listening to this podcast. I understand Dave’s emotions and thoughts on death. I was widowed over 10 years ago, and I have always thought my husband’s death was his choice. No one has ever said death is a choice. Thanks Dave I am right here with you listening away.

Shari R.

If you grew up in the 70’s listening to AM radio and now have ‘grown up’ with more perspective on life, check this podcast out. Check out the ‘April 11th 1976’ episode and you’ll be taken for an emotional ride you’ll be glad you took. Can’t wait to hear all the other episodes!

August L

This podcast is a must for music & culture fans from Baby Boomer to GenX & beyond. All people, all backgrounds, all races can come together listening to Dave reminisce. Love it.

Kristin L.

Found Dave’s podcast from an recommendation of top podcasts in the latest AARP magazine. Thanks, Dave, for your thoughtful and wise insight AND for taking me along the walks down Memory Lane!

KT Hom

I absolutely love your podcast !
It takes me back to the greatest time of my childhood, especially 1977

Cheryl L.

I love your podcast, the songs, and the memories you share. Feels like listening to a friend reminisce 🙂

Anita R.

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