Nineteen Seventy-Seven- Pt1 (Episode #1)

1977 was one of my favorite years! I turned 15 on August 18th of that year. It was the year my grandparents bought me my first bass guitar! I had been playing the four bass strings on my sisters old acoustic guitar  for an entire year. That drove me crazy!

It was one of the best years in music. I mean great song, after great song kept playing over the air ways. Artists like the Emotions, The Commodores, Slave and Chic were pumping out music that kept everyone standing in front of the radio! It was the birth year of rap music (aka hip hop). It was the summer of Star Wars,  Stayin Alive, the death of Elvis Presley and so much more! It’s a year I’ll never forget. Listen Now

The Emotion’s on Soul Train!

My Boy‘s The Commodore’s Performing Easy!