April 11th 1976 (Episode #13)

Life, it throws everything imaginable at you. Our entire emotional system is triggered by every event in our life. Good, bad, joyful or tragic it does not matter. The average person has one event in their life that brings out their deepest pain. I’ve learned. It’s how we handle these painful events that shape our lives. I’m fortunate. I’ve had several painful events!  Grab your Kleenex. The story I’m going to tell you. Is about the first worst day of my life.

My Little Brother Marc

It took me a long time to process Marc’s death. The fact that I witnessed the actually accident took me years to process. Not to mention, the close bond brotherhood and friendship that was ripped out of me.

At the same time. It was that single event that “jump” started and shaped my entire life.

Not only me, but my mom, brother and sister all made life choices after Marc died.

April 11th of 2018 marks the 42nd anniversary of his death.

As much as we all miss him. We realize that his death gave birth to our lives and to us living.

Why did that have to be? I don’t know. I do know that everything in life has a purpose and a reason. I do know that the needs of spirt are different from the needs of physical life and living.

Neither is greater. Just different.

My wish for all of you. And the reason why I continue to tell this story, is not to make you feel sorry for me or my family.

I tell it so that you can take anything negative in your life and pull positive and greatness out of it.

If my family can do it. You can do.

In the summer of 1973. We took our first trip to Florida to visit a ton of family. I took this picture of Marc on the Holiday end hotel balcony with my new Kodack X-15 camera! You know. It’s interesting. Looking at these pictures now. It’s something how I never knew what was coming.

I had no way of knowing while taking this picture. I was spending my last few years with him and that I would see him lose his life. What an amazing thought! Very surreal.

Marc & I Thanksgiving 1974. Notice the shirts we are wearing? They are the same. Only different in color. We often dressed alike. That’s how close we were.

If you look between us. Our dog Silver is hoping we give him some food. That dog was awesome! He alone could be a full podcast episode.

Maxine Nightingale

One of the last things I remember about Marc. On the ride back from our grand mothers house. Maxine Nightingale’s song “Right Back Where We Started From” was playing on the radio.

Marc was staring out of the window. Looking into the sky. His head moving with the beat of her song. He seemed very focused looking into the clouds.

It was a very sunny day, the sky was blue and white clouds all around. I’d love to know what he was thinking. He seemed at peace. If you knew Marc, he was a “hell raiser!”

This song along with the Commodore’s “Sweet Love” are the last two songs I remember him hearing.