Before Lionel Richie and the Commodores, Barry White was my man!

Grand Opening

Welcome to the grand opening of "SoundWear," my online store!
Starting today, you'll be able to buy my music and much more directly from me!

"SoundWear" carries a mixture of "David Knight Composed" and "Back in The Dave" (my podcast show) items, of course, the basics like tee-shirts, baseball hats, and mugs, my favorite are all in the store.

My goal is to create unique custom products and experiences for "David Knight Composed" and "Back in The Dave" fans and communities.

When you purchase "SoundWear" products, you're investing in me as a creative artist, musician, and entrepreneur. And in return, I can create more music, podcast episodes, live streaming events, and more.

I believe in you folk's, And I think you believe in me too, so go check out "SoundWear." Oh! If you buy something, when it arrives, you gotta post a selfie!



I feel like I am a teenager listening to the radio at night. Last night I sat outside in Red Rock Canyon (near Las Vegas) and listened to Zoom by the Drifters on Back in the Dave. The stars were bright, the spring wind was warm, and the music brought me back to the 70s when I danced while rocking my babies to sleep. I have been going backwards listening to this podcast. 

I understand Dave's emotions and thoughts on death. I was widowed over 10 years ago, and I have always thought my husband's death was his choice. No one has ever said death is a choice. Thanks Dave I am right here with you listening away.

Shari Reveal


Found Dave's podcast from an recommendation of top podcasts in the latest AARP magazine. Thanks, Dave, for your thoughtful and wise insight AND for taking me along the walks down Memory Lane!

K.T. Hom

FaceBook Review

If you are a baby boomer who loves music this is for you! Dave has great stories about the songs that affected him. What I like is that he tells you how the music made him feel. it's a lot of fun to listen to. Oh, the memories!

Peggy Turnbull Kressin

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This podcast is a must for music & culture fans from Baby Boomer to GenX & beyond. All people, all backgrounds, all races can come together listening to Dave reminisce. Love it.

Kristin Llanos

FaceBook Review

I stumbled across the podcast totally by accident a couple of months ago and have been hooked ever since. Although I am about 6 years older than you I can relate so much about all of your life experiences. I will definitely tell my Brothers and Sister about it! Keep it going!

Michael Rozelle

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