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My Mom! Simone (Happy Mother’s Day)

​On August 18th, 1962 at 3:28 PM. I had the pleasure for the very first of meeting my mother face to face.

Then I met my dad. Two-hundred pounds, six feet, and change, I fell in love. He became my idol throughout my life.

He died a few days before my twenty-eighth birthday. I remember that day. My mom took off from work and drove out to the house. She walked up the stairs to my room, walked in and said, "Hi David." I turned and looked at her and like a five-year-old little boy. I ran to my mom crying, "Mommy, I couldn't save him!"

I didn't know it then, but that day. I "thought" I had reconnected to my mom. What I realized was, the entire time I was idolizing my dad and putting him on a pedestal. My mom was always in the background influencing, guiding, loving, supporting, helping and caring.

Now at the age of seventy-nine. I see she did all of that while launching her music career, working in corporate America, raising four children, in an abusive relationship and dealing with the painful death of one of her children.

I lived, watched and participated in her incredible story as her second oldest child.

It's a blessing to be able to idolize both of my parents.


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Featured Artist: Harry Belafonte

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I feel like I am a teenager listening to the radio at night. Last night I sat outside in Red Rock Canyon (near Las Vegas) and listened to Zoom by the Drifters on Back in the Dave. The stars were bright, the spring wind was warm, and the music brought me back to the 70s when I danced while rocking my babies to sleep. I have been going backwards listening to this podcast. I understand Dave’s emotions and thoughts on death. I was widowed over 10 years ago, and I have always thought my husband’s death was his choice. No one has ever said death is a choice. Thanks Dave I am right here with you listening away.

Shari R.

If you grew up in the 70’s listening to AM radio and now have ‘grown up’ with more perspective on life, check this podcast out. Check out the ‘April 11th 1976’ episode and you’ll be taken for an emotional ride you’ll be glad you took. Can’t wait to hear all the other episodes!

August L

This podcast is a must for music & culture fans from Baby Boomer to GenX & beyond. All people, all backgrounds, all races can come together listening to Dave reminisce. Love it.

Kristin L.

Found Dave’s podcast from an recommendation of top podcasts in the latest AARP magazine. Thanks, Dave, for your thoughtful and wise insight AND for taking me along the walks down Memory Lane!

KT Hom

I absolutely love your podcast !
It takes me back to the greatest time of my childhood, especially 1977

Cheryl L.

I love your podcast, the songs, and the memories you share. Feels like listening to a friend reminisce 🙂

Anita R.

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